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Day                     Time                   Presenter                      Topic


Friday         5:00    Jennifer Young        Couples and Kids Fishing in Canada

                   7:00   Norm McCreight     Walleye Fishing - Finding/Catching

                   8 :00  Steve Cegielski        Preparing for a Canadian Hunt


Saturday     11:00  Steve Cegielski        Preparing for a Canadian Hunt


                  12:00   Norm McCreight     Walleye Fishing - Finding/Catching


                   2:00    Jennifer Young        Couples and Kids Fishing in Canada 


                   4:00    Norm McCreight     Canadian Hunting /Canadian Survival


Sunday       12:00  Norm McCreight     Canadian Hunting /Canadian Survival  


                   1:00    Norm McCreight       Walleye Fishing - Finding/Catching


                    2:00   Steve Cegielski       Planning for a Canadian Hunt


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